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Skin treatments


Where Science meets Skin

We understand the complexity of the skin, with a background in beauty and a passion for knowledge we expanded into the clinical world of skin treatments. 

Unfortunately, the training provided to a beauty therapist is very shallow when it comes to skin conditions and understanding the skin on a cellular level, Elle, Director of Revive, knew the importance of finding out more and with this need for knowledge she did advanced trainings, master classes and sat every course/webinar/information session you could find on the skin, she is currently working towards her Batchelor for Dermal Science. 

We do not give in the fads or risky treatments such as BB Glow, Plasma, Resurfacing Laser and Chemical Peels, we purely focus on treatments that are backed by science, have no risk or damage to the skin and respect the natural cellular response of the skin. 

So if you are looking for the most knowledgeable and trusted skin clinic in Alice, you've found it!  

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