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O Cosmedics utilises the very best nature and medical science can offer and the very latest cutting edge cosmedical high performance technology available. Every single formulation is highly functional, each ingredient chosen as the most “intelligent” option available in their category, which works synergistically within the formula to deliver optimum results. O Cosmedics is chirally correct, chemical preservative free, organic where possible and professional strength. We use the most potent, active ingredients possible. Naturally based, there are no nasties in the formulations, such as parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance, artificial colours or preservatives, sodium lauryl or laureth sulphate and no animal cruelty. So what is it about O Cosmedics that makes this range so powerful?

V8 Peptide Complex

Exclusive to O Cosmedics, and appearing in every product (except EGF Booster, B3 Plus, Eye Fusion and Pure C + BHA), V8 Peptide Complex™ utilises the latest and best performing peptides and antioxidants to prevent and correct the visible signs of aging whilst protecting cell structures from UV damage.

The Delivery System

We use two powerful biomimetic bases for our formulas for effective delivery and maximum absorption of powerful active ingredients. Our serums are based on Liquid Crystals which mimic skins intercellular matrix and provides an enhanced delivery system that has a perfect affinity with the stratum corneum for maximal barrier integrity, optimal skin hydration and penetration. Natural moisturising complex makes up the base of our creams which protect, soothe and moisturise the skin as well as creating an optimum environment for active ingredient absorption by the skins cells

Encapsulation Technology

This exciting cutting edge technology works by microencapsulation of potent ingredients in a hydrophobic sphere that has perfect affinity with the epidermal cells, enhancing penetration and absorption and delivering slow time release of actives deep into the skin. This same technology prevents the active ingredients from been washed off during rinsing, so once the formula has been applied, it delivers a sustained release of actives well into the day and night. We use encapsulation technology for potent active ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Resveratrol and Retinol to ensure the optimum penetration of achieves alongside a slow release giving cells several hours to use these ingredients rather than minutes.

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