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start your correction journey with one of our advanced consults

Revive offer thorough and knowledgeable Skin and Body consultation, to help you understand and treat your condition.

Unlike most Beauty Salons, we do not have a “One Size Fits All” approach, each client’s skin is analysed individually, and an assessment of the skins cell health is performed. This way we can put together a corrective treatment plan that includes professional and at home protocols. In our consults we sit own and show you in detail what is happening within your skin to create that concerns and how the recommendations we make will assist the cells to become normal functioning again.

Basic Consult 20 min 

This consult is great if you want a quick and easy explanation or already have a treatment plan in mind. We briefly go over the causes of your skin concern, put together a In Clinic plan as well as an At Home product plan. All clients at Revive will Receive a Basic Consult when they book in a Clinical Treatment for the first time.

Full Skin Analysis 40-60min

If you would like more information and an in-depth explanation into your skin, this is the perfect consult for you. We will explain all the structures of the skin, what is the cause to the breakdown in your cells creating your skin concern. You will be provided 3 different In Clinic Treatment plans to choose from depending on your budget and availability as well as At Home plans to match.

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