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To Glow or Not to Glow, our take on BB Glow

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

First things first, we just want to say there are a lot more effective and safer ways to get glowing skin..

BB Glow treatments have been around for a few years, however their popularity in the beauty industry is growing so we thought it would be a good idea to educate our clients on this treatment before they get pulled into this harmful new fad.

What is BB Glow?

BB Glow is a treatment that combines the application of a pigmented serum and skin needling, this will give the client a semi-permanent foundation effect evening out skin tone, pigmentation and giving a natural contoured appearance.

To be honest, I don't even understand why this is up for discussion. how anyone thinks this would be a good idea for the skin is beyond me, its reckless and a true skin expert should know that the risks do not out weigh the reward.

How is it bad for your skin?

Well first things first, these serums are 'meant' to be needled into the dead layers of the skin, however that is only at the most 0.50mm deep. It's impossible to control that depth and not get the serum into the live layer of skin. Once that serum enters that live layer, this is were the trouble begins.

Now it starts with the ingredient list, to understand how this affects the skin, you need to know how the skin responds to certain ingredients when they enter into the live layers of the Epidermis or Dermis.

When we needle the skin we are disturbing the physical barrier, so we have thousands of micro channels going into live skin and infusing ingredients that have no ability to be broken down once in there. just to note, this differs to a serum created for needling being needled in, as the main issue we have the the BB serum is the ingredient that create the pigment. Even if it’s specifically made for a BB treatments, there is no ability what so ever for the skin to be able to break down any of the ingredients included in a BB serum, no matter what anyone says. It scientifically cannot be done!

And sure we get our eyebrows tattooed and our lips, eyeline, so why not our whole face every few months... Its the concentration of the amount you are getting it done as well as the amount of ingredients in the serum, it’s a lot more than cosmetic tattoo ink.

Think of it every time you get a treatment more and more ingredients such as Aluminium, Titanium Dioxide, Lead, Zinc, Iron and much more are being driven directly into a layer of the skin that has no ability what so ever to break it down, so it just stays there. Building up. Reeking havoc on the skin, not only instantly but continually over the years.

This leads to allergic reactions, contact dermatitis, infection, Post inflammatory pigmentation, granulomas, scarring, organ toxicity, cell damage, and cancer! All just for an instant fix.

Our final Take on it

It's very clear where we stand on this reckless procedure, a big fat no go! We stand with the belief that we will never risk harm for a short term gain, and why create another problem trying to fix one. There a plenty of perfectly good treatments out there that with patience and a good skin specialist will give you the results you need, long term and have no adverse affects, like causing cancer!

If you're on the fence, or have been recklessly treated with this treatment please come in and see us to talk about other options you have.

Love Elle x

P.S Don't forget your SPF

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